Imagine joining one of our coaching packages where you have all the benefits of an accelerator, without actually having to be there.



VC Broker Dealer

  • charges between $15,000-$30,000 per month

  • an industry standard 7% commission on all investor referrals

  • a six month minimum engagement


A Typical Accelerator

  • charges between $30,000-$40,000 to enter their program

  • An average of at least 5% equity

  • A minimum 3 month engagement with no option to opt out


lvlup Ventures

  • all of our coaching packages are under $5,000 per month 

  • take no commission on any investor referrals

  • have a three month minimum engagement with the option to opt out after the first 30 days.


To summarize, Startups spend an average $108,000 per investor contacted. With LvlUp Ventures Fundraise Prep package, you spend no more than a ⅕ of that on introductions to multiple investors.