Want to start and scale your own company?

Welcome to the LvlUp Venture’s Founder’s Shop Program, a 2-Day intensive online program to equip founders with the specific tools and resources they need.


In the founder’s shop program, future entrepreneurs will learn how to build a business from scratch, be provided with experts speaker video modules, a 1 hour 1:1 coaching session, as well virtual office hours with our corporate partners. You will receive lessons from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts who can help you develop the required skills and knowledge to establish your own high growth potential startup. The classes are all virtual to accommodate your busy schedule.

Each Startup Module includes our Startup Perk Package with over $400k+ in FREE premium services, sign up and save today!!!


Classes will include:

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  • Startup Basics

  • Go-To Market Strategy

  • Revenue Model

  • Building Your Team

  • HR & Recruiting Startup

  • Legal Practices

  • Building your Brand Identity

  • Build a Pitch Deck + Elevator Pitch

  • Best Accounting Practices

  • Networking/Building Relationships

  • Growth Marketing

  • When To Raise Capital


About Our Courses

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Introduction: Beginner’s Guide to Building Your Startup

In this session of the Founder's Shop, WestWave Ventures' online program is geared towards avoiding common startup missteps, overcoming typical growing pains, and building the knowledge to create a successful business. Join this module to push your startup to the next level.


Building Your Team for Success

Building a cohesive team is critical to your startups success. Establishing company culture and hiring the right members to join your team is pivotal in building a successful startup. Learn from established entrepreneurs and experts on how to establish company culture and build the team that will make you successful in your venture.


Growing Your Business: Low Cost Ways to Market & Target Customers

In the early days of any startup money will be tight. So how do you grow your business and build traction early on without having a marketing budget? In this module you will learn helpful tips on building a social presence and helpful gorilla marketing techniques that will help your business grow. Hear from marketing experts and high growth startup founders.


How To Raise Capital

Raising capital is never easy, there can be a right time and a wrong time in approaching a raise. There are also other sources for raising capital outside of angel investors and VCs. Gain helpful knowledge from investors, and startups on best practices in approaching your future raise as well as how to jump from the seed stage to Series A.


Each course can be supplemented with either a 1-hour group consultation (up to 5 teams max.) or a 1-hour one-on-one consultation call.

For pricing on these additional services, please contact info@westwave.ventures